A Tight Econonmy Hurts Prom Night

By Precious Williams

Prom is one of those nights teens dream about.  The gorgeous dresses, handsome tuxedos,  flowers,  limos, a night on the town and dancing til dawn. Even in a good economy, it’s a costly night. This year, thanks to the recession, demand for high-priced limousines and fancy flowers is down as prom season looms. Here’s how some retailers are coping.

Cool Jobs

By Lezla Gooden

Summer is almost here. Time again to take on the Herculean task of finding a short-term job. But one thing is sure for this high school junior. She does not want a job that involves flipping burgers, pumping gas, bagging groceries or cleaning bathrooms. Is the perfect fun, high-paying, challenging summer job out there?