2011 Essay Winner: Print

Arianna Poindexter

Imagine living in a society without the opportunity to practice the religion of your choice, you aren’t guaranteed freedom of speech, or the ability to obtain freedom of press.  This type of society does in fact exist and citizens in these countries are desperately trying to fight for their freedom and push for democracy.  Democracy is vital to the world order because citizens feel that they are deserving of political equality.  A democracy is a system of government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives.    Without democracy, the world order can affect the relationship between different countries and treacherous riots will continue to occur.

In recent months, countries such as Egypt and Libya have been involved with several dangerous protests because of the citizens’ frustration with the totalitarian regimes.  Citizens under this form of government are forced to have every aspect of their life controlled which they feel is unfair.  From police brutality to high unemployment rates, the people of these countries are fighting for freedom and justice.  For example, Libyan President Moammar Gaddafi has controlled Libya since he came to power in 1969.  He has led the country in a number of scandals such as the fallout with the WikiLeaks cables and his outrageous behavior during the United Nations General Assembly address. ii The violence and riots in Libya have not only affected the country alone, but also the world as a whole including economic and energy markets.  Because of the violence that has occurred, Libyan oil and gas producers have suspended shipments to North Africa and Europe and have driven up oil prices throughout the world.ii This is why democracy is important because with numerous riots and protests, the world order is being disrupted such as the trading of oil between exporters and suppliers.ii

In order to keep the world order, having a democratic government is vital.  Having a democracy makes the general public feel that they have a voice in their government and the system in which their country is run.  The more control someone has over their government, the more peace of mind they will obtain because they won’t feel oppressed therefore citizens will be less likely to rebel.  The important issues that the people under totalitarian and authoritarian governments feel are important will most likely began to change.  For instance, more jobs will become available and political satisfaction in their government will be established if they were able to choose their political leader.  Most of the riots that occur in developing countries do not occur in more developed countries such as America because American citizens have the ability to vote for their leaders and government officials which causes less friction between citizens and the government.iii

The future of the world order is ambiguous, but it is certain that if many of the totalitarian regimes were a democracy, the world order and the relationship between these countries and others would most likely be a positive one.  In the process, there will hopefully be many positive opportunities for these countries in the future and they will be on their way to a government of democracy resulting in a positive and strong world order.

The judges said:

“Poindexter’s essay on the importance of democracy to the world order illustrated crisp writing coupled with sound, logical reasoning. Her work was also well researched.

Her body of work from the workshop also showed an eye for pursuing interesting and timely news. Poindexter’s potential and interest in journalism should be encouraged.”